A2Z is proud to partner with a large pool of independent contractors who are qualified ASL Interpreters. We have a sizable team of interpreters available for on-site requests and an even larger group of interpreters available for virtual requests. Most of our interpreters have a national certification and all of them have been carefully chosen for their high quality and professionalism.

In addition to our independently contracted providers we also have two staff interpreters, Zac and Ashley, as well as our upbeat office manager, Desiree.


A2Z Interpreting is owned and operated by Ashley Cavallaro. Ashley is a Nationally Certified interpreter who was born and raised in Oklahoma City. She holds a degree in American Sign Language from Oklahoma State University and an additional degree in Psychology from Oklahoma City University. Ashley has 10 + years experience owning and operating an interpreting agency. She has been working as a professional interpreter in a variety of settings for 18 years. Ashley’s favorite settings to interpret include Mental Health, Medical and with Deaf professionals in the workplace.

Ashley learned ASL at a young age from the Deaf community who welcomed her curiosity and eagerness to connect and graciously taught her their language. She began interpreting in her late teens and has learned the craft of interpreting and professionalism from many seasoned interpreters throughout the years. Ashley attributes her person-centered approach and her attention to detail to her father, a successful surgeon and charitable community citizen. He taught her that people should be at the center of all we do and that all are deserving of care regardless of age, race, or ability. She strives to keep those principles of inclusivity at the center of each interaction and business decision. Her care for A2Z’s community partners, combined with her experience and first-hand knowledge of the interpreting industry,  is what makes A2Z unique.

Ashley is responsible for all interpreter scheduling decisions and A2Z administration, but chances are you may also have her as your ASL interpreter at assignments in the community. Ashley lives in Spokane and when not working she enjoys spending time in nature and traveling with her loving partner, Zac, three awesome bonus kiddos, and Jack, the dog.


Zac, A2Z’s staff interpreter, has been interpreting since 2012, following his graduation from the Interpreter Training Program at Baker College in Port Huron. He earned national certification in 2015 and has gained experience in various settings, including medical, educational (both K-12 and post-secondary), and business sectors. He particularly enjoys interpreting in elementary schools and at the theater, where he’s had the opportunity to interpret numerous Broadway shows. Beyond his professional life, he takes pride in being a dedicated family man who enjoys adventuring life with his family. He’s a cool guy who would love to talk Star Wars and Marvel movies with you during down time.


Desiree, A2Z’s office manager, consistently brings a deep-seated passion for aiding others to every facet of her work. Her cheerfulness and thoughtfulness shines through in her interactions with our customers and interpreters. Her background, which spans both the medical field and engineering, reflects her enduring motivation to positively impact lives through innovation and empathetic support. With a friendship with Ashley that dates back to their second-grade days, Desiree’s perceptive understanding of Ashley’s nature and mission aligns perfectly with her role as the office manager at A2Z. Outside of her professional commitments, Desiree finds joy in spending time with her family and passionately pursuing knowledge as a life-long learner.