A2Z collaborates with Washington’s Health Care Authority, via a Master Contract through DES,  to provide ASL interpreting services to patients with Apple Health and HCA Medicaid enrolled health care providers. If your patient has a Provider One number, their interpreting services may qualify to be billed to HCA instead of to your office directly. To learn more, visit HCA’s provider page on ASL Interpreting https://www.hca.wa.gov/billers-providers-partners/program-information-providers/sign-language-interpreters

If the patient requiring an interpreter does not qualify for Apple Health interpreter services, the costs of the interpreting services will be billed directly to your office. If you aren’t already an A2Z customer, contact us to partner for direct billing.


Want to request an interpreter for an Apple Health patient? It’s easy!

  1. Fill out the HCA interpreter request form at https://fortress.wa.gov/dshs/odhhapps/Interpreters/HCARequest.aspx*Note, if this is your first time requesting an interpreter on the website you will need to set up a user account https://fortress.wa.gov/dshs/odhhapps/Interpreters/Account/NewServiceRequestAccount.aspx
  2. Put as many details on the form as possible to aid us in scheduling, including the patient’s name, gender, Provider One number, and DOB. Be sure to select A2Z Interpreting as your preferred contractor at the bottom of the form.
  3. You will receive an email confirming your submission with your service request number. Please save the service request number for reference.
  4. Once A2Z receives the request we immediately begin processing it.
  5. When an interpreter has been secured you will receive an email from A2Z with the booking details, as well as an email from the ODHH scheduling system. The cost of the appointment will be billed to HCA.